BLACK DOG TIMES by Gretchen Bainum

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TITLE: Black Dog Times
ARTIST Gretchen Bainum
DESCRIPTION: There is an ancient myth that comes from the time when people could better talk with the earth that tells about an old woman who lives in a cave. She spends her time Weaving the World, making it an exquisite design. From time to time she has to stop weaving so she can stir her pot of soup. When she leaves her weaving, the black dog who had been sleeping nearby, wakes up and begins unraveling her work while she is away. When she returns she sees that all her work has been destroyed, but she is not upset because she knows it will be a new beginning. She sits down and happily begins a new design, making it even more beautiful as the black dog returns to his sleep. The old woman knows the black dog will come again, but with each unraveling there will be a new beginning.
MEDIA: tissue paper collage
SIZE: 16" x 20"
PRICE: $300
SHIPPING: flat fee $15

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