SUSAN by Tanya Faberson

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  1. NAME OF PIECE: “Susan”
    ARTIST NAME: Tanya Faberson (Creekview Woodshop)
    DESCRIPTION: SUSAN is a shallow wood bowl that I hand turned on my lathe from wood responsibly sourced in Scott County, Kentucky. With its striking grain, non-traditional form, and thoughtfully placed burnished lines, this bowl is a one-of-a-kind piece. The blue ash is considered an ancient tree native to Kentucky, with the oldest known specimen living one county over from us at the ripe young age of 249 years. Nineteenth-century Kentucky statesman, Henry Clay, even named his beautiful Lexington estate, Ashland, after the beloved blue ash tree. This dish is polished with food safe walnut oil and finished with beeswax to provide a durable finish and rich luster. Care instructions for the wood are included with the purchase of this piece.
    MATERIAL:Wood (Blue ash)
    SIZE: Overall (11-5/8” wide X 1-1/2” tall), Interior portion (8-1/4” wide X 1-1/8” deep)
    PRICE: $75
    SHIPPING/HANDLING: Free Shipping
    ARTIST'S BIO: I began working with wood after my dad passed away in 2016 and I inherited his carpentry tools. Interested in woodturning, I got a small benchtop lathe as a gift which, having quickly become obsessed, I soon replaced with a full-sized lathe. As a person interested in the natural world since I was a child, as well as a historical archaeologist fascinated with the material culture of the past, I am drawn to combining woods with interesting knots, spalting, bark, worm holes, and other “imperfections” with more structured shapes, some hearkening to historic refined ceramic tablewares of the mid-twentieth century. One of the most important themes of my work is that observers of my turned vessels are reminded that these items once were parts of beautiful, living trees. While the shapes may vary, I hope one can sense my commitment to respecting their presence in any of the pieces I make.
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