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BARBARA KELSCH Retrospective

Friday, June 7, 2023  Reception

The opening reception for Barbara Kelsch’s Retrospective on Friday, July 6th drew a large number of the artist’s friends, family members and admirers!! 

A British artist and charter member of the Augusta Art Guild Barbara met Bob Kelsch when he was visiting England. They fell in love, got married and she moved to Augusta,  KY.  


Barbara sincerely hopes that visitors to her show at the Augusta Art Guild Gallery, at 116 Main St,  Augusta, will experience the pleasures and peacefulness she has captured in both the Yorkshire Dales and in the beautiful hills and valleys of Kentucky. 


Barbara Kelsch Retrospective, “A Brits Eye View” will continue to be open to the public throughout the month of July on Friday  4 pm to 8 pm, Saturday noon to 8 pm and Sunday from noon till 4 pm.

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2023 Art Scholarships 

June 2023 

Every spring, the Augusta Art Guild awards art scholarships to deserving Bracken County students.

The Judy Federer Art Scholarship is given to a graduating Bracken County senior who has excelled in the visual arts and who will be attending college or vocational school.


Congratulations to the 2023 Judy Federer Art Scholarship recipients!!

Each senior listed below has received a $500 scholarship!!

Erica Kegley - Augusta Independent School

Delaney Bradford - Augusta Independent School

Anna Lee Whitten - Bracken County HS

2023 Art in The Garden Awards

Saturday, June 3, 2023 


Wow! What a wonderful event this year’s Art in the Garden turned out to be!! The Augusta Art Guild has been planning this special yearly event for the past six months and we want to express a huge THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who helped make this year's Art in The Garden another huge success!!!  


Best in Show 2-D AwardZijah Popaja

Best in Show 3-D Award - Robin Simpson of Ewesed

The Marilyn Award - Donna Wiegand of Homespring Art


Planting for Pollinators

Saturday June 10, 2023

10 am to 12 noon


The Augusta Art Guild is pleased to sponsor this free event presented by AAG member Jennifer Smith, a life-long gardener specializing in gardens that are inspired by and support nature. 


Going from a half acre garden to living in a high-rise may have spelled the end of her gardening life, but by adopting gardens in city parks and a retirement home she has more garden space now than ever before. 

As the in-house plant and pollinator garden consultant for Wimberg Landscaping, she's entrusted with the generous grounds around the office and her work at Wimberg Lwill be featured in the Cincinnati Nature Center Garden Tour June 24th. 


Jennifer believes the best way to entice more gardeners to plant for pollinators and nature is to show how we can incorporate native plants into our gardens. Once gardeners see the beauty of the native plants, and how easy they are to care for, they are more apt to include more native plants in subsequent years."


Jennifer will be discussing site evaluation, soil prep, plant selection and ongoing care of pollinator gardens. She discusses host plants for our native pollinators, why a pollinator garden is left standing through winter, and profiles a few of her favorite plants which she has been incorporating in her designs for years.

"Doodle 4 Google" KY State Winner

May 18, 2023 


Congratulations!!!!!! Our very  own Augusta resident, Augusta Independent School senior and Augusta Art Guild member ERIKA KEGLEY won the DOODLE 4 GOOGLE award for the State of Kentucky!!!!

Erika's doodle is called "Mother and Daughter" relationships. In this doodle, Erika drew a collection of mothers and daughters conveyed through animals and humans to represent the natural connection formed between the two. 


If Erika becomes the national winner for the Grade 10-12 category, she receives a $30,000 scholarship and Augusta Independent receives $50,000!


Thank you in advance for your support and vote before May 25, 2023 for this talented artist! Here is the link to the competition finalists:

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Screenshot 2023-05-24 1.47.51 PM

Third Grade Field Trip

Saturday April 22, 2023


Over the years, AAG had sponsored several field trips as part of their Cultural Outreach for the Independent School 3rd Grade students.


This year's trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center on Saturday April 22, was a follow up on the Dinosaur Program presented by the Museum at the school. 


 "The kiddos loved it and had a blast!"

Randy Bloomfield, Augusta Independent School

"Budding Artist" Show Opening

Saturday April 22, 2023 


The artistic talent of Augusta Independent and Bracken County School students is displayed at the Augusta Art Guild Gallery on Main Street in Augusta, KY.


The show's opening night took place on Saturday, April 22, 2023 from 3 - 5 pm and attracted many visitors.


There was plenty of finger food to munch on and an outside music performance by the Augusta Band of Pride added to the fun for onlookers passing by!


The exhibit will be up for another weekend until Sunday April 30 from noon-4 pm. Make sure to stop by if you haven't seen the exhibit yet!

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