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A Place to Celebrate and Elevate Stitched Art

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The Stitched Art Society (SAS) - The Fiber Art Arm of the Augusta Art Guild. 

Started in July of 2021 by Augusta Art Guild member Jennifer Smith, the SAS is now part of the AAG. The developing community of the SAS, together with the AAG and it's key role in the Augusta community as a promoter and celebrator of art, is a partnership that will prove to further promote and celebrate art while making art, of all mediums, accessible to all. 


For far too long stitched works have been considered craft. Great strides are being made to see such work as art, not just a craft or hobby. We want to be a part of that movement. We celebrate and elevate stitched works of art by those who have made a place for themselves in the stitched art world and others who are new the stitching community.

Here is where we start: community. Meet those practicing the stitched arts, see their work, read their stories, and find inspiration to elevate your own work. The SAS and AAG will host lectures and workshops with a focus on the stitched arts.

What We Are Doing

The SAS Library

The SAS has established a library of fiber art related books housed at the Mercantile Library in downtown Cincinnati.

Now, as part of the AAG, the SAS is starting a second library in Augusta!

How You Can Support Our Mission to Grow SAS

1. Donate gently used fiber art related books to the Augusta SAS Library.


2. Purchase books from our wish list on Amazon:

3. Give any amount you like by clicking the Button 

4. Purchase embroidery pieces by Jennifer Smith at the AAG Gallery. All proceeds go towards endeavors of the SAS including new titles for the SAS Library at the AAG. 


For More Information

To find out more about SAS, please visit

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